Waxahachie Civic Center

Building Enclosure Restoration

Project Overview

The Waxahachie Civic Center opened in August of 2000 and has served as a multi purpose facility for a wide variety of events over the years. The facility is located off the highway at I-35 and Highway 287 in Waxahachie, Texas. The building reportedly leaked since Opening Day and experienced over 70 leaks during 13 years of service. The chronic leakage caused a large amount of damage to the interior, a decline in business and major inconveniences during events. ECI was commissioned by the Waxahachie city Development Corporation (WCDC) and The City of Waxahachie to design and manage this complete Building Enclosure Restoration Project from start to finish. The project spanned eleven months using two separate contractors and was a great success for both The WCDC and ECI. The facility has experienced several weather events since completion and no leaks have been reported.

Consulting Services and Innovative Solutions Provided

ECI has enjoyed a long standing and successful business relationship with The City of Waxahachie. As with all of ECI’s valued projects, ECI’s professional staff worked diligently with the City Manager and Waxahachie Community Development Corporation (WCDC) to facilitate the requirements and details of this complex project. As a part of the repair project, ECI provided professional design, construction administration, construction management and quality assurance services that helped fully restore the building to a watertight condition in addition to improving the overall appearance. The project was comprised of new Fleeceback TPO and Architectural Standing Seam Roof Recovery and Replacement Systems, proper sealant joint repairs, damaged and spalling masonry repairs and silicone elastomeric coating application, which best fit the Owner’s needs. After reviewing all available exterior coating applications, it was decided to use GE’s Momentive SilShield Silicone Elastomeric Coating. With the installation of the silicone elastomeric coating, the facility has the rich feel and appeal of natural masonry along with a versatile protective exterior surface that will not experience color fading or façade staining.

Before and After Photographs

1 West Elevation.JPG
2 West Elevation.JPG
3 West Elevation.JPG
4 West Elevation.JPG
5 North Elevation.JPG
6 North Elevation.JPG
7 North Elevation.JPG
8 North Elevation.JPG
9 North Elevation.JPG
10 North Elevation.JPG
11 North Elevation.JPG
12 North Elevation.JPG
13 Northeast Elevation.JPG
14 Northeast Elevation.JPG
15 East Elevation.jpg
16 East Elevation.JPG
17 East Elevation.JPG
18 East Elevation.JPG
19 East Elevation.JPG
20 East Elevation.JPG
21 South Elevation.JPG
22 South Elevation.JPG
23 South Elevation.JPG
24 South Elevation.JPG
25 South Elevation.JPG
26 South Elevation.JPG
27 Southwest Elevation.JPG
28 Southwest Elevation.JPG
29 Southwest Elevation.JPG
30 Southwest Elevation.JPG
31 South Elevation.JPG
32 South Elevation.JPG
33 Wall Condtions.JPG
34 Wall Condtions.jpg
12 North Elevation.JPG
35 Wall Conditions.jpg
36 Wall Conditions Repaired.JPG
37 Wall Conditions Repaired.JPG
1 Roof.JPG
2 Roof.JPG
3 Roof.JPG
4 Roof.JPG
5 Roof.JPG
6 Roof.JPG
7 Roof.JPG
8 Roof.JPG
9 Roof.JPG
10 Roof.JPG
11 Roof.JPG
12 Roof.JPG
13 Roof.JPG
14 Roof.JPG
15 Roof.JPG
16 Roof.JPG
17 Roof.JPG
18 Roof.JPG
19 Roof.JPG
20 Roof.JPG
21 Roof.JPG
22 Roof.JPG
23 Roof.JPG
24 Roof.JPG
25 Roof.JPG
26 Roof.JPG
27 Roof.JPG
28 Roof.JPG
29 Roof.JPG
30 Roof.JPG
31 Roof.JPG
32 Roof.JPG
33 Roof.JPG
34 Roof.JPG
35 Roof.JPG
36 Roof.JPG
37 Roof.JPG
38 Roof.JPG
39 Roof.JPG
40 Roof.JPG
41 Roof.JPG
42 Roof.JPG
43 Roof.JPG
44 Roof.JPG
45 Roof.JPG
46 Roof.JPG
47 Roof.JPG