ECI's Services


Exterior Consulting Innovations, Inc. (ECI's) professional exterior enclosure consulting services encompass complete planning and execution of roof management and exterior building maintenance plans. Our services are performed by technically trained professionals with decades of combined field experience. ECI’s in-house professional, technical and project management consultants have extensive experience in the wide range of roofing, waterproofing, curtain wall and exterior wall cladding systems.

We offer the essential technical knowledge and diverse project experience in building system evaluation, testing, design, project management, construction cost estimating, CAD drafting and quality assurance observation services that each Client's asset management program needs.

ECI understands that our Clients’ interests are best served with qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals that focus on providing the highest quality service for each project’s specialized needs.

As a value-added service, ECI also assists Clients in the recovery of warranty resources for replacement of roofing and wall materials that have failed during the warranty period. In recent years, ECI has recovered more than $12 million for our clients.

Consulting Services

ECI provides professional consulting services to a diverse group of private and public sector Clients nationwide. Our professional services include:

  • Facility condition assessment and risk analysis
  • Forensic roof, wall and concrete testing services
  • Construction documents
  • Design review and due diligence services
  • Construction administration services
  • Construction management services
  • Field quality control assurance observation during construction
  • Expert witness

ECI undertakes project management accountability for performance excellence in executing the assigned project related activities through:

  • Accountability for each project’s success
  • Promoting professional integrity through leadership
  • Accepting responsibility for technical accuracy
  • Prudent use of Client resources

ECI is committed to each of our valued clients and their business assets. In order to best serve their needs, ECI strives to achieve the highest level of efficiency and customer service through performance accountability and diligent work practices.

Evaluation and Report Services

To gain a better understanding of each building structure, a thorough evaluation of the exterior enclosure system is essential. ECI’s professional staff has the “hands-on” field experience, technical skills and professional training to accurately assess any of the countless building structures and different building systems. Our in-depth building assessments typically include:

Extensive evaluation of exterior enclosure systems, including:

    • Visual condition assessment of system components
    • Forensic testing to determine valuable data for analysis
  • Obtain pertinent building condition information to isolate areas of distress
  • Review existing facility construction documents and details

Infrared testing services, including:

    • Forensic testing and verification of moisture content using FLIR thermal imaging camera
    • Identification and painting of moisture-laden insulation areas
    • Core sample analysis of roof system construction
    • Thermographic and photographic documentation of wet areas
    • Provide roof moisture survey report including:
      • Summary of survey results
      • Core sample summary
      • Wet area footage tabulations
      • Value analysis
      • Recommendations
      • Scaled roof plan including wet insulation areas

Comprehensive building system analysis report, including:

  • Detailed breakdown of existing building system construction

  • Identification and explanation of system distress and failures
  • Photo documentation of current conditions
    • Recommended system repairs or replacements
    • Accurate and itemized construction budgeting

Project Management Services

ECI’s complete professional project management services provide value to our Clients through time saving efficiency, clarity of communication, control of project scheduling and completion deadlines, and most importantly the assurance of quality of the construction being performed. Our Project Management Services include:

  • Conducting a preconstruction conference
  • Reviewing submittals and shop drawings
  • Responding to contractor’s requests for information
  • Attending progress meetings during construction
  • Conducting intermediate site inspections of the project
  • Assuring conformance to construction documents and specifications
  • Ensuring cost containment through continual review of budgets
  • Processing progress payments
  • Conducting final review of construction
  • Securing and transmitting to Client all guarantees, affidavits, releases, bonds and waivers

Construction Documents

An accurate assessment of building systems is just as important as an accurate solution in making repairs, and ECI’s longstanding history of success is founded on providing both. Our construction documents comprehensively address repairs, maintenance, holding pattern, restoration or retrofit procedures. ECI’s Construction Documents include:

  • Concise computer-generated plans and installation details
  • Pre-qualified and established contractor list
  • Conducting a pre-bid conference with necessary parties
  • Conducting a bid review with appropriate contractors
  • Providing our Client with a tabulated bid summary and award recommendation

Project Quality Assurance Observation

ECI’s highly trained and experienced field technician provide our Clients with field quality assurance observation oversight of contractor’s compliance to construction documents, problem resolution and project condition documentation. These services can be obtained on a full-time or part-time basis depending on the project’s scope of work and Client’s needs.

ECI’s team of professionals understand that each project is only as good as the quality of the installation. We believe our quality assurance service is invaluable in preserving the integrity of the project.

Our quality assurance observations include:

  • Implementing a project coordination plan with all parties
  • Establishing and implementing a quality assurance plan
  • Overseeing and documenting critical construction procedures
  • Reviewing contractor pay applications
  • Conducting punch-list and close-out inspections with Client’s Representative

Exterior Consulting Innovations, Inc. (ECI)

is a professional consulting firm that specializes in roofing, dampproofing, waterproofing, and exterior building restoration of commercial buildings and structures. ECI has built a respected national reputation in the successful identification and resolution of exterior building enclosure component failures. ECI’s building analysis expertise includes successful identification of construction deficiencies and aging distress that cause water infiltration, and accurate assessment of building envelope system design and failures.

ECI provides professional design services for the prevention of water infiltration in new facilities and existing building structures. ECI's cost-effective forensic assessments, solution oriented system designs, construction management and project management services provide our clients with substantial long-term cost savings through innovative solutions.

ECI has provided professional services nationwide to Healthcare Facilities, Colleges, Universities, School Districts, Churches, Fortune 500 Clients, A/E Design Firms, Commercial Real Estate Development Firms, Property Management Firms and Government Agencies on more than 11,000 diverse projects, representing over $1,000,000,000 in construction value.

Our Comprehensive Evaluations of Facility Conditions Include:

  • Visual assessment of system components and installation details
  • Review of facility utilization and operational requirements
  • Review of facility conditions and maintenance history
  • Life cycle costing of existing and alternative systems
  • Evaluation of cost and anticipated performance
  • Sampling and testing of system construction

Our Facility Assessment Reports Include:

  • Recommendations and repair priorities
  • Available options and alternatives
  • Summary of existing conditions
  • Scaled plans and elevations
  • Life cycle cost comparisons
  • Condition photographs
  • Project budgets

For more Information on Property Evaluations, Design Review or Expert Witness Services, please contact our office for assistance.