Energy Code Experience


ECI has expended hundreds of man-hours and substantial financial resources developing efficient and cost effective project management systems designed to minimize material, energy and labor waste. ECI diligently evaluates each project to make sure that only defective material is removed. By minimizing the removal of roofing or wall material, waste is reduced, energy and labor costs are reduced and in many cases, the insulation R rating is increased, while the overall project cost is significantly reduced. ECI's waste and energy reduction efforts have saved Clients millions of dollars in project repair and replacement costs. As a value-added service, ECI also assists Clients in the recovery of warranty resources for replacement of roofing and wall materials that have failed during the warranty period. In recent years, ECI has recovered more than $12 million for Clients.

IBCC 2012 - NFP 285

Prior to the compliance date of 2002 of the Texas Energy Codes for Roof and Exterior Wall Systems, ECI, on behalf of our public and private sector Clients, initiated extensive research and studies of the new regulations, and their impact on commercial and institutional facilities - specifically in the areas of roofing, walls and related building envelope components. In 2002 and 2003, ECI has had extensive experience implementing Texas Energy Code Regulations in the above references areas with building officials for projects in the cities of Bedford, Dallas, Irving and Garland. ECI is prepared to work with our clients in the implementation of Roof and Wall Waterproofing Projects.