Customer Satisfaction

Maintenance and Training Services

ECI’s Roofing and Waterproofing Consulting along with our Project Management Services are custom tailored to address specific and unique Client needs. In the execution of programs involving multiple facilities and numerous geographic locations, and when the Client has limited in-house staff available to maintain facilities, ECI is frequently asked to develop a comprehensive maintenance program designed to meet immediate and long-term facility needs.

Based on specific project and program requirements, ECI is prepared to provide the following services to meet facility roofing, wall cladding, waterproofing and related systems components maintenance requirements.

  • Reviewing existing program and staff resource requirements
  • Developing an in-depth maintenance program to address immediate and long-range envelope needs
  • Providing maintenance manuals for roofing systems and exterior wall cladding systems
  • Providing training seminars for in-house staff
  • Developing comprehensive budgeting schedules for materials and services
  • Identifying and negotiate contracts with maintenance and material suppliers
  • Providing quarterly, seasonal or annual inspections

Effective Project Communication

ECI is committed to three (3) key principles for maintaining effective project communication:

  • To efficiently manage the project and achieve the Client's objectives, within budget, on schedule and in regulatory compliance
  • To prevent costly and unnecessary change orders, work stoppages, claims and accidents
  • To provide accurate project documentation for facility operations, maintenance, legal and historical purposes

With each project engagement, ECI develops communication, reporting methods and procedures consistent with Client requirements, local ordinances and project needs. If required, project related transactions and activities are documented within meeting minutes and project reports. ECI also distributes project schedules and agendas for planning, construction and administrative meetings.

Successful Project and Program Management Execution.

ECI has developed procedures and systems for successful project and program management execution. Effective project management requires a close cooperation among the Client, the Construction Manager, other Consultants and the A/E firm, which can only be accomplished through partnering.

ECI will build and maintain a strong relationship with all parties involved in the project by fostering a thorough understanding of existing procedures, establishing comprehensive goals and providing strong leadership to keep the Project Management Team focused on the primary issues pertinent to successful project and program execution.

This management approach is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide continuous liaison with ECI team members, Client management and maintenance staff
  • Ensure optimal project team selection based upon applicable experience and capabilities
  • Facilitate rapid mobilization and response time

Project / Program Organization

ECI uses an organizational structure founded on clear, single-point accountability for the accomplishment of quality, safety, cost, schedule and asset risk management. Including but not limited to:

  • Direct lines of authority and communication
  • Assignment of major work elements to team members
  • Reporting procedures that ensure real-time status tracking at all

    project sites

Commitment to Client Needs and Quality Performance

In providing truly expert professional services, ECI solely specializes in building envelope systems and components. To achieve superior project results, ECI provides each Client with evaluation, design and project management services that are custom tailored to ensure the proper investment of capital and maintenance budgets are maximized for each project.

ECI is committed to developing and executing cost-effective and long-term solutions that ensure proper utilization of the client's capital and maintenance budgets.